Road bikes for beginners: Are you planning to buy your first road bike? This small guide will allow you to pick a bike to suit your budget and your expectations.

Road bikes for beginners: HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR FIRST ROAD BIKE?
Road bikes for beginners: HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR FIRST ROAD BIKE?

Key Factors to Consider Before You Buy

Road bikes for beginners: Bicycle racing / for cycling races

You will first need to determine if you prefer to buy a bike racing or bike for cyclo-sportives. Bradley Wiggins pedal in aerodynamic position, but this one will not necessarily be suitable for beginner cyclists who may wish to adopt a more relaxed and relaxed position to be entirely comfortable in the saddle: this is exactly what a Bike for cyclo-sports. In recent years, the offer for this type of road bike has increased considerably, and you can now buy models for all levels, whether you are a beginner or more experienced cyclist.

If you are looking for a racing bike, then go for the Eastway Emitter R4 (Tiagra – 2016): this carbon bike is a real speed machine and an entry level model for beginners.

If you’re a trendy cyclist, then take a look at the Eastway Zener D2: with a fork and a carbon frame, its hydraulic disc brakes and its Shimano 105 group will keep you saddled for hours.

Road bikes for beginners: Frame and fork materials

The material used to make the frame and fork is an essential element because it will have a significant impact on how your bike will compete. Most entry-level models have an alloy frame, but if your budget allows, it may be better to choose a bike equipped with a carbon fork. Carbon is a better choice as this high-quality material is lightweight, sturdy and offers additional competitive advantages such as excellent shock absorption.

Road bikes for beginners: Size and fit of the bike

It is important to choose a bike whose size suits you perfectly. We offer you a guide to bike sizes complete to make your choice easier. Also, each model sold on our site has its size chart.

  •  Define a budget

First, you need to set a budget for buying your first road bike. The price of road bikes varies between750.00 $ and 7000.00 $ (and can even go up to 12,000 $!). Most athletes who want to start the road bike are looking for bicycles between 750.00 $ and 1500. $. In calculating your budget, it will not forget to add equipment: clipless pedals (shims are delivered with), shoes, shirt, shorts, helmet.

  • Your practice

Secondly, you have to take into account your practice and estimate the frequency of use of your future bike. Indeed, if it is a first approach of the road bike, an aluminum frame will be sufficient. It will allow you to discover this sport at a small price and will be easy to resell the day you wish to stop or on the contrary change for a carbon bike. Starting with an aluminum bike will also let you feel the difference the day you spend on your new carbon bike.
If you start your road bike in addition to another sport (rugby, cross-country skiing, trail.) or if you plan to drive 2 to 3 times a week, you can find bikes in carbon from 1300.00$. A carbon frame will bring you efficiency, lightness, and ease of use.

  • The Wheels

For the choice of the crankset know that most new bicycles are delivered in triple trays or compact. A “compact” crank consists of two 50 and 34 teeth, which is smaller than a traditional “double” crankset (which is mounted on a large 53-tooth tray and a small 39-tooth tray). Currently, the best-selling bikes are in “compact” pedals. You can then adapt your bike to your use with a cassette type 12/25 or 11/25 teeth for athletes who like to make flat, 12/27 teeth for people who want a versatile flat bike and bumps, 11/28 See 12/29 or 12/30 for cycling enthusiasts.

  • Wheels

Regarding the choice of the wheels, those that are called “original equipment,” i.e., the wheels delivered with your bicycle, will be sufficient to start. With experience and kilometers, you can then turn to another pair of wheels more suited to your practice.

Road bikes for beginners: For simplicity

  • Beginner with an occasional practice: I choose an aluminum bike for a budget between 799.00 $ and 1300.00 $
  • Beginner with a regular practice (several times a week): I want a carbon bike for a budget between 1300 $ and 2200.00 $.

Road bikes for beginners: Some mistakes to avoid

  1. Buy a used bike. Indeed you risk falling on a critical opportunity and so explode your budget devoted to your first bike.
  2. Purchase a bike with the wrong size (if you have been poorly advised or have had a heart blow during the sales), in fact, this error can quickly turn to catastrophe: tendonitis, back pain, cervical pain. Bike fun can become a Calvary!
  3. Buy a carbon frame unbranded, because buying his bike on the internet directly in China can save you a few euros on the purchase but can quickly turn into a nightmare for any defect or manufacturing defect.
  4. Beware of forums, because a lot of interesting information circulates on the forums, but 90% of the information is false or erroneous. If you need advice, the idea is to ask your questions to a cyclist or regular practitioners.
  5. Buy your first road bike too low-end: beware of prices too low! Not only can this bike be massive, but you may also have unpleasant surprises, including the very limited life of some components.


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