Road bike vs mountain bike: To choose a VTC to your size, mount it: if the point of the toes touches the ground, the saddle is at the right height.

Road bike vs mountain bike : All-terrain bike
Road bike vs mountain bike : All-terrain bike

The choice of a bike depends on the terrain to be borrowed:
• in the city: the city bike,
• On the road: the road bike,
• on the road: the mountain bike and commuter bike (VTC).

All-road biking: mixed use on roads and trails

The commuter bike (VTC) is a good compromise between the comfort of a city bike and the flexibility of a countryside bike. It is also called “hybrid bike” or “trekking bike.”

This recreational bike makes it possible to drive around town and on more steep terrain, without:

  • To spoil,
  • Be uncomfortable.

It is suitable for use:

  • Occasional (weekend, holiday): no sporting or frequent use,
  • In urban environments in part,
  • On paved roads.

Road bike vs mountain bike: VTC: differences with the ATV

The ATV and the VTC are two different practices of the bike.
Mountain biking: on steep terrain

ATV is a US-based sport that involves rolling on trails, forests and mountainous terrain. It is a lightweight, pickup and the soft bike made of aluminum, titanium or carbon.

Four types of ATVs differ according to the intensity of the practice:

  • The bike ride,
  • The hiking bike,
  • The cross-country bike,
  • Moreover, cycling competitions.

Road bike vs mountain bike: The VTC: a good compromise of leisure

The VTC is a variant of the mountain bike that is not exclusively used on rough tracks. It is made entirely of aluminum, which gives it two advantages:

  • A surprising lightness,
  • Does not rust.

Road bike vs mountain bike: Choosing an ATV or an all-terrain bike?

The choice between mountain biking and biking all the way is not done lightly. It is essential to know what use you will have it.

The VTC is not designed for intensive practice on rough terrain in town or countryside, as this could damage the bike.

Practicing mountain biking on the road or in urban areas is very uncomfortable, as it is not intended to ride on stable ground.

Road bike vs mountain bike: Components of the VTC bike: comfort and flexibility

An all-terrain bike is characterized by:
• It is comfort: borrowed from the city bike,
• Its flexibility: coming from the VTT.

Road bike vs mountain bike: VTC wheels and gears

The VTC has large wheels equipped for rough roads. The thicker the wheel, the stronger the grip on the ground, especially for uneven ground.
It is also equipped with 18 to 21 speeds, to facilitate the rise of the ribs.

Road bike vs mountain bike: Bicycle frame all the way

An all-road bike consists of:
• Of a rigid structure,
• A saddle suspended padded with gel to avoid pain in the buttocks and coccyx,
• An articulated stem that tilts to avoid hurting the back.
• Of a front telescopic fork with small travel,
• Of 700 mm diameter wheels (finer and without ATV spikes).

Road bike vs mountain bike: VTC: useful options

The VTC options have several objectives:
• Transporting a child,
• Enhance the comfort of the user,
• Improve its security.

Here are the various accessories of VTC that exist:

• A front rack for strokes, a rear rack for installing a possible baby carrier,
• Permanent backlighting (not dependent on a dynamo),
• Saddle absorbers,
• a crutch,
• Fenders, to prevent splashing and keep the bike and clothes clean.

Here! If you like to know more, do not hesitate to see us in store! Remember that no matter what your favorite bike type, you need to make sure you are well positioned to improve your comfort and performance!


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