How to choose your VTC?


The VTC (bike all the way) is one of the most popular bikes for its comfort and robustness. Versatile, the VTC has the advantage of rolling without problems on all types of surfaces. Before choosing your VTC, however, you should ask yourself what use you want to make of it. Indeed, some VTC will suit perfectly for an occasional practice, while others, equipped with more speeds, will be perfect for driving a little sportive. In the same way, some VTC is more adapted to the city and others more made for hiking.

Which size of bike to choose?

Generally, adult VTCs have wheels ranging in size from 26 to 28 inches, depending on the size of the bike. Before choosing, you should know that smaller wheels allow better maneuverability in the driving, especially if you are used to riding in the countryside. On the contrary, larger wheels will offer you more speed. In any case, the size of the bike will depend also and mainly on your size to you.

Comfort or endurance, how to choose?

Depending on your practice, you have the possibility to favor comfort or endurance for your VTC. For a rather casual practice, comfort is a priority: opt for an ergonomic saddle and a fairly flat frame that will free up your movements in any circumstance. Having bigger wheels also makes it easier to pedal and keep a good speed: an ideal compromise. If you are rather sporty, opt for a VTC with lowered frame and a transmission offering many speeds: you are then sure to drive for several days. Think of the controls too: the triggers will always be more accurate than the rotating handles.

Which equipment to choose?

The VTC are equipped with more than twenty speeds to face all kinds of reliefs. This bike has the advantage of being able to adapt to your practice, offering you an optimal comfort in town as in the campaign. Moreover, for even more tranquility, special equipment is necessary: helmet, elbow pads, knee pads will keep you safe from injuries. In town, your VTC can also be equipped with useful accessories, such as a luggage rack or a baby seat.

What budget for your VTC?

The price of your VTC will depend on how you use it. Nakamura offers six ranges of VTC that can adapt to any budget. If you are looking for a VTC for short journeys in the city, you can go to the simplest, and you will find excellent bikes at very affordable prices. For longer trips, for example on country roads, choose a more sporty model.

Coach’s advice

To get the most out of its VTC, do not hesitate to opt for a quality transmission. Regarding the driving position, do not place too much pressure on the wrists for optimal comfort. Finally, on a practical level, do not forget to always have with you a repair kit and an anti-puncture bomb.


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