Whether you are a beginner, a regular cyclist or a professional cyclist, wearing good cycling shoes is an essential element for both your comfort and performance. However, the type of shoes you will need will vary widely depending on your bike and the use you make of it. Indeed, your shoes will be different if you practice the BMX, the mountain bike or the city bike.


What size for your shoes?

But before anything else, it is important to know how to know the size of your cycle shoes. Indeed, it is very rare that the size of the latter is the same as that of your usual shoes. How to calculate it? A simple way is to take the measure of the heel to the big toe: place your bare foot on the ground, against a wall, and take the measurement between these two ends. Feel free to always round to the top millimeter and, if you hesitate between two sizes, always take the biggest.

Which sole for your shoes?

Depending on your practice and the bike you use, your soles will have to be different. However, two characteristics remain essential: lightness and rigidity. If you own a road bike, you will prefer the soles with look-SPD fixing system. If you’re a mountain bike, go for SPD-clamped soles, and if you only practice BMX, you may prefer flat rubber soles, a perfect compromise between grip and stiffness. In addition, if you are looking for performance, keep in mind that the carbon soles allow you to transfer all of the rider’s energy to the pedals. Finally, a composite sole, nylon or polyamide will suit better if you are looking for comfort.

Comfort First

Because if there is one thing that everyone agrees on, it is this: the shoes of the cycle must be able to be comfortable in order not to hinder the race. To do this, it is first and foremost important to pay attention to the proper maintenance of the shoe. Indeed, a well-maintained foot promotes not only comfort but also the performance of your pedaling, enough to combine the useful with the pleasant. If you are primarily looking for a shoe that allows you to pedal for a long time without necessarily looking for performance, prefer a scratch system that ensures a proper tightening while allowing a quick shoeing and removing.

What budget for your shoes?

You will find quickly cycle shoes adapted to your budget, whatever your level. If you practice the bike rather casually, prefer the entry-level that will fit perfectly. If you are a seasoned athlete, the high-end offers specificities that will improve your performance.

Coach’s advice

To choose the size of your shoes, always try several sizes of the same model with two pairs of socks: a thin bike and a thick tennis. With the first, the foot should feel free, without tightening, and with the second, it should be tightened evenly.


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