How to choose your BMX?

What BMX for what use?

This is the first question you should ask yourself: what use do you want to make your BMX? If you are rather a race, you will need to favor speed and therefore adapt your equipment accordingly. Thus, it is necessary to know that the frameworks of BMX preferring speed are rather long, with a single development. Are you more freestyle? In general, whether in the street, dirt or trail, you will have to look for stability and maneuverability with short frames. You do not want to choose? No worries: most BMX models are versatile.

How to choose your BMX?
How to choose your BMX?

Choose a BMX according to your level

This is the second question you should ask yourself when choosing your BMX: what is your level? If you are a novice, it is advisable to take a complete and versatile bike, which you can then replace the particular parts according to your progress and your preferences. With their larger wheels and more flexible frames, you will get the best balance between comfort and pleasure. If you are already a little more pro, you can head quickly to the more expert models.

What size for your BMX?

It all depends, of necessity, on your waist. But not only. It should be noted that to measure a BMX; several elements are taken into account: the length of the top tube, the degree of the steering angle and the degree of the angle of the seat post. Depending on your practice, you can make your choice. Thus, it is nice to know that the bigger the tube, the more comfort, and stability are at the rendezvous. If you are in freestyle street, you will first look for maneuverability by opting for a small top tube.

Which equipment to choose?

The material related to the BMX is not necessarily visible to pick, especially when you are a beginner. Between steel frame, aluminum frame, pegs, rotor and pedal, it is easy to get lost quickly. In general, it is recommended the steel frame for the freestyle, especially in the street: its excellent robustness allows a better maneuverability and more pleasure in a more risky environment. The aluminum frame is more efficient in the race, where its lightness allows for gentle accelerations. In race always, one chooses rather a pedal three pieces, while in freestyle, the pegs (footrests) make it possible to take support unsuspected.

What budget for your BMX?

Nakamura offers three ranges of BMX that adapt to different budgets. Depending on your level of practice and your desires, your choice will be based on a rather expert range or a varied range, which allows a sporty but comfortable use. Of course, the design and the color are also elements to be taken into account: after all, the BMX is also a business of style!

Coach’s advice

It should not be forgotten that the BMX is a sport at risk when it is practiced on a hard surface. It is, therefore, best to avoid stopping on specific protections such as helmets, full pants, proper footwear adapting to your pedals, gloves and other knee pads or elbow pads.


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