Choosing an effective bicycle lock

The choice of an excellent protection to protect your bike from theft is a crucial point to take into account when buying the bike. The anti-theft offer is now very full, and it is easy to get lost in the middle of different types of anti-theft and different price ranges. We help you to see more clearly.

Choosing an effective bicycle lock
Choosing an effective bicycle lock

How to choose your bicycle lock?

Here are some tips to follow when buying a bike lock as you can quickly be overtaken in the choice of an anti-theft, so the choice is wide: standard U-lock or folding or cable. The three top tips to remember for choosing the protection of your bike are:

It is advisable to invest at least 15% of the price of the bike in its protection with a minimum of 30 $. This amount must be considered an investment because it is profitable from the first attempt at theft. This is a budget to consider when defining the budget to buy the bike.
Always use at least one U-lock. Even a bad U is always better than a cable. This is THE minimum protection to have.

Two locks are better than one! First of all, this makes it possible to secure both the wheels and the frame more quickly. Then, it has a very dissuasive effect with the thieves: they will turn to another more comfortable bike! The essential protection that is recommended is a good anti-theft lock U long enough to secure the frame and a wheel to a fixed point, then to secure your second wheel, a chain with links of at least 6 mm or a cable Less 10 mm in diameter.

The different types of bicycle lock

The anti-theft U and the anti-theft bike foldable

The anti-theft U are available in two forms: the classic and the folding.

The standard anti-theft U: It is the necessary protection to be equipped with minimal protection. The anti-theft bolts U are now the best-rated locks according to the numerous tests. However, if the handle is too short, the U-lock can be complicated to hang on certain street furniture.

There are also code U-shaped bicycle lock locks that lock using a customizable number combination. A real plus for cyclists who tend to lose their keys.

The folding U-lock: This anti-theft has a form of the meter of a joiner. With its articulations, it is simpler to fix the bike to the street furniture with this type of anti-theft. This kind of anti-theft was introduced a few years ago with an emblematic model “the Bordo” from Abus. Today the brand has declined this anti-theft in versions with codes, light, longer or colored.

The Kryptonite brand also offers a foldable U-shaped bicycle lock. Very practical, it is 100 cm long and folds quickly to transport easily by bike without cluttering the cyclist.

The frame anti-theft system

This type of anti-theft has the form of a horseshoe. It resumes operation of the wheel block. It is widely used in northern European countries where cycling is largely used as a daily mode of transport in cities and is ideal for shortstops. Indeed, installed on the bicycle, it is enough of a simple keystroke so that the rear wheel is blocked. Some models even allow combining this anti-theft with a chain or an additional cable to increase the safety of the bike and to put off the most motivated thieves!


The chains are an excellent protection for bicycles and allow fixing to the street furniture relatively straightforward and practical. However, for an excellent protection, it is necessary to privilege a chain with links of 8 mm minimum. The ideal is to couple the chain to an anti-theft U. The chain will secure the wheels and the U the frame of the bike.

The cable

The cables are to be used in addition to a stronger protection, U or U-folding. They are considered effective protection when used alone. Flexible and adaptable, they allow easy fixing of your wheels to the fixed point when the U protects the frame. To ensure an adequate safety, it is advisable to favor cables with a diameter greater than 10 mm.

The long cable

Long cables are practical when there are several bikes or several components to protect. Indeed measuring 2, 5 or 10 meters they can slip through several frames or run along the bike. It is also to use its long cable as a complementary anti-theft of a traditional anti-theft U. equipped with loops at each end; the long cables require a padlock or a mini U-lock also. Some of these anti-theft cables are equipped with an alarm for more protection.

The anchors

To add a fixing point to your bike, especially in the garage or yard where you usually park it, there are anchors. To be fixed to the ground or the wall, these rings are in the majority of cases in cemented steel for an optimal resistance. It is then enough to slide its anti-theft through it so that the bike is fixed to a point. These anchors are also used extensively for the protection of motorcycles and scooters.

Locks for accessories

In addition to bicycle theft, the bike’s equipment is also vulnerable. It is, therefore, best to protect it too. Systems that replace the axles of the wheels and the axis of the seat clamp make it possible to secure your bike more. The best-known models are the Tranz-x anti-theft axles that secure your wheels and saddle with a unique key, and the Lock’N Roll axes, which, by a level system, only open when the bike is turned over.

For wheels with bolt axles, there is also an anti-theft system. Kryptonite WheelNutz nuts are standard wheel nuts except that they only unlock at a certain center of gravity of the bike. All it takes is a simple key of 15, and the bike is turned to unlock the wheels. It is, therefore, necessary to secure the frame to a fixed point so that the bike can not be turned over and the wheels of the bike are as well protected as the frame.

There are also small locks with retractable steel cables. They allow you to pass in your accessories to make them a minimum: saddle, helmet,

Without going so far in optimal protection, if your bike is often parked unattended, think of favoring the bolt pins on the quick-release axles for the saddle and the wheels.

Finally, note that there are still many other solutions to protect your bike. Some have indeed thought of the locks from the main accessories of your bike like the gallows. This is the case, for example, with the N’Lock bracket, which allows you to unlatch the handlebars from the front wheel in one turn. This makes it impossible to ride and is also an efficient storage system.

Anti-theft devices with alarm

Some anti-theft devices offer you double protection. In addition to fixing your bike to a fixed point, they are additionally equipped with an alarm. They usually have a sound volume of 100 dB to 120 DB or the size of a hammer or battery. The alarm allows you to surprise the thief if the thief tries to shear the cable or violate the casing. They come in any form, from shielded cable to fine wire through the U. Cables with alarm remain advisable in addition to a U and the anti-theft U with alarm in addition to a cable or a chain.

How to attach your bike for better protection?

Once well equipped, it is also necessary to take care to tie well its bike. Encourage posts over 2m high or square and closed barriers. To be banished: the posts at the height of the basin where it is easy to lift and slide the bike. Pay attention to the parts to be attached to the fixed point.



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