Carrying a child by bike
To transport a child by bike, it is necessary to choose a seat adapted to its size and age. The child seats can be installed at the front of the bike (on the frame, seat tube or steering tube) or the rear (on the seat tube or rear rack).

Carrying a child by bike
Carrying a child by bike

The type of seat and the position are chosen according to several criteria: duration and frequency of the journey, size, and age of the child, type of bicycle, equipment needed, budget, type of travel (urban, cyclo-tourism …).

Here are some tips to help you choose the seat that meets your needs. These solutions to take children on trips are, of course, to be adapted according to the size and needs of the child.

Solutions by the age of child

0-3 years

Front child seat

The front seat is installed on the frame between the saddle and the handlebars. The child is close to the adult, in his arms and is, therefore, less inclined to move; You can see him and talk to him. Also, the baby can see around him. This type of seat is suitable for urban, occasional or regular use. To improve handling, there is a Stereo bicycle handlebar for a child seat which makes it possible to move the seat away from the saddle and thus to turn more quickly.

• Support cost

The comfortable support makes it possible to transform a suitable into a baby seat. It attaches to the rear luggage rack at 3 points using a non-slip clamping jaw and heavy-duty straps. It is equipped with springs to absorb shocks and folds when not in use. It is suitable for daily trips and short walks.

Trailer with baby seat

It is possible to carry your child in a child trailer if it is equipped with a suitable seat. The nacelle-type seats accommodate newborns up to 6 months; hammock seats take babies from 1 to 10 months and a maintenance position appropriate for young children from 10 to 20 months. Just remove the baby seat when the child grows up to install it in the original seat of the trailer.

2-5 years

Children up to 5 years old must be installed in a seat adapted to their size and weight. Seats must be equipped with a safety belt or harness as well as a footrest. When the child starts to stand upright, it can be installed in the back of the bike or a trailer.

• Rear seat

Autonomous and reassured, children from 2 to 5 years old can sit at the back of the bike. There are many models that fit either on the luggage rack or the seat post. Seats that attach to the luggage rack are increasingly equipped with jaws that allow the bike seat to be changed quickly. The real plus of seats on the seat tube is that they are “hanging” so more flexible for the comfort of the child and they do not require racks. This last solution allows moving the seat from one bike to another, equipped with an additional fixing box. T

• Trailer

Bicycle trailers are suitable for long walks or even cycling trips. They accommodate comfortably 1 to 2 children according to the models. Practices, they can carry younger children if they are installed in a hammock seat. They attach to the rear wheel axle and can be compatible with pedestrian or jogging kits that convert the trailer into a stroller.

From 5 years

Saddle on frame

The child seats to fix on the bike frame are suitable for the junior child, become too big to travel in a seat. They offer a complementary but comfortable solution for daily trips. There are models suitable for male, female or Dutch-style bikes. It is advisable to equip yourself with footrest and a front skirt.

Junior Seating

The junior seats fit on the rear rack and accommodate a child of 25 to 35 kgs. Ergonomic and comfortable, they are equipped with a belt and a backrest. For added safety, you can mount a skirt protector on the rear wheel.

Trailer Weehoo

The Weehoo can transport a child from 2 to 9 years with the seat adjustable. It has excellent stability due to the lower positioning of the seat. Very comfortable thanks to the inclined backrest, it is suitable for long journeys. With its mono-wheel, it is very handy and adapts well to an all-terrain use. The child can enjoy the scenery and have free hands to play or eat. It can be active by pedaling too.

• Hoodie Cushion

Hoodie cushions are a very simple solution to transport the junior child. They are easily removable and offer an excellent extra solution. Farms and comfortable, they are suitable for daily trips, to go to school, to the beach … It is advisable to use a protective skirt for the wheel and foot rests for comfort.

• Tow bar

The tow bar allows the child is sitting on his bike to follow the adult bike safely. It attaches to the axle of the rear wheel or the saddle tube of the adult bicycle. The child bike comes off in a few moments when he wants to pedal alone. When the child is tired or for difficult passages, it connects to the adult bike.

Carry 2 or more children

A bicycle is a real means of transport, and it is possible to take two or more children on a single bike.

  • Junior duo seat

The double seat is fixed in place of the rear luggage carrier. It is equipped with two backs and two pairs of holds to be set on the stays. It comfortably accommodates 1 or 2 children and can support up to 60 kilos. The backrests are foldable and can be used as an extra luggage rack.

  • A front and rear seat

One of the solutions is to install two seats on the bike. The smallest of the children can be fitted in the front in a suitable seat and the second can take place in a seat in the back of the bike for example. For more stability when installing children, it is recommended to have a double stand for bicycles.

  • Double trailers

Double trailers accommodate 1 to 2 children, from 1 month (in a suitable seat) to 9 years, depending on the model. Adapted to long journeys, they have the advantage of being able to follow the growth of the child. Also, they carry a baby in a hammock seat and an older child at his side. The Weehoo trailer is an individual model. It is equipped with a single wheel for more maneuverability. Designed to tow 1 or 2 children between 2 and nine years, it ensures safety for the parents and comfort for the children. Very stable, it pleases children who can help to pedal and enjoy the landscape. The smallest can be installed in the back and stretch its legs through the feet. All you have to do is enjoy the ride.


• Windshield

The front windscreen is attached to the bicycle handlebar or the stem. It protects the cyclist and the child from rain, wind, insects … It is very useful when the young child is installed at the front of the bike.

• Footrests

For children over five years old, traveling in a seat that is not equipped with a footrest, it is essential to fit a pair of footrests on the bike. Some models attach to the front of the frame, on the rear wheel axle or the stays. Practices, they fold when they are not used. They can be used with cushions on luggage racks or framed saddles for example.

• Skirt cover

The front skirt is a protection that covers part of the front or rear wheel. It is intended to prevent clothing from getting stuck in the shelves, but they are also useful to prevent children from injuring themselves. The skirts prevent the children’s feet from rubbing against the wheel or getting caught in the shelves. With the footrests, they offer additional safety.

• Poncho

The rain cover can cover the entire child seat or protect the child only. Convenient to put on, it makes it possible to arrive at the destination in dry!

• Headphones

Unlike the car, the bike is not provided with a protective cockpit. To protect themselves from shocks, even the best ones, the only solution is the helmet. There are models for babies from 10 months. To choose the model, think of measuring the head circumference then choose the style: pink, unisex, with visor, for BMX … The models are adjustable thanks to an adjustment wheel to follow the growth of the child. Some kids are sometimes reluctant to wear a helmet. To make the helmet more fun, Crazy Safety has created a range in the shape of animals: tiger, dragon, shark, zebra … For the biggest, there are BMX helmets United which also adapt to skate practice Or rollerblading.

• Double stand

Carrying children can unbalance the bike. It is not always easy to install them while holding the bike firmly. To provide more stability to the cycle, it is advisable to install a double stand.

• Neck cushion

The neck pillow keeps the head straight and allows the child placed in the seat to doze off. It brings more comfort and safety by cushioning shocks and jerks.


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