Types of road bikes: Road bike manufacturers decline their models according to the kind of cycling practice and the more or less sporty and competitive approach. So Sunday cyclist or competitor will find the bike adapted to his passion.

The different types of road bikes
The different types of road bikes

Types of road bikes: Bicycles competition

They allow the rider a very elongated and plunging position. This is due to the very short head tube, a hanger, and a bracket beneath it to allow better aerodynamic position. The entire bike is optimized for minimum weight and maximum performance. In the same way, the gear or gears are tuned for the competition.

Here are some criteria that characterize a race bike:

  • Lightweight and rigid carbon frame
  • Straight fork
  • Maximum integration of ducts
  • Light and beautiful saddle
  • Rigid bases
  • High quality and lightweight.
  • Tray in 52×36, 53×39, …
  • Carbon wheels
  • Tires or race tires

The price of this type of bike is very high because of the weight gain and constant innovation of these models at a price, and what price. Few limits!

In this road cycling perspective for the competition, there are two ranges/designs of the bike frame. They have a remarkable aesthetic that differs by the shape of the tubes:

The versatile bike’s frame sees a form with fairly conventional round tubes. They are designed with a certain versatility to be able to evolve on all types of grounds and reliefs. Objectives on this kind of framework combine lightness, vivacity, and efficiency.

Types of road bikes: Aerodynamic bikes typed

The frame has a shape with very wide tube sections and purposes (like a sword), designed to optimize the penetration of bike in the air. We talk about aerobic bikes because research into the development of a first aerodynamic coefficient is at the heart of the manufacturing process and an important objective. These are usually bicycles designed for high speed. They have a race geometry on which the pilot is leaning forward. The weight is greater than the versatile bikes.

Types of road bikes: Cyclosport / endurance bikes

The practice of cyclosport has been growing rapidly in recent years. The goal is to travel long distances in the middle of race, while having a bike offering real compromises yields, but with a significant constraint of comfort.

Thus, there are very few differences compared to a competitive bike, except for a little extra flexibility. The race to gain weight is less important but optimized all the same. As for the position of the pilot, it is often less diving than a competition frame with a higher steering and a slightly shorter upper tube.

Some criteria for a cycling bike:

  • Lightweight carbon frame with good performance
  • Modified geometry so that the cyclist is raised
  • Curved fork for shocks
  • Aluminum or carbon wheels with low profile
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Softer bases and stays
  • Mid-range groups
  • Trays double compact or triple trays
  • Running and comfort tires

Prices remain high but more reasonable. Despite everything, many cyclosportives are happy with beautiful bikes to the key.

Types of road bikes: Cyclo-cross bikes

A cyclocross bike is designed in the same way as a road bike competition with a classic geometry. Some modifications are made to the wheels and the braking system, allowing greater ease in handling on the greasy ground.

Types of road bikes: Gravel bicycles

The design of a gravel bike or gravel bike is particular to combine two practices: road and paths! Thus frame and Gravel bicycle wheels see unique adaptations.

The practice of cycling Gravel arrives in France. Thus manufacturers have developed specific frames with some well-identified specificities.

  • It has a geometry that allows the cyclist a raised position
  • Short Top Tube and High Tube Socket
  • Relatively long bases with thin shrouds
  • The rear triangle has a design based on flexibility and comfort
  • Curved fork for shocks
  • The frame is suitable for receiving mudguards
  • Wheels aluminum or carbon to accept tires full section from 30 to 35mm.
  • Disc brakes
  • Specific brackets endurance and passes everywhere

Types of road bikes: Bicycle touring

The objective is to achieve a maximum of a kilometer in a hike with moderate pace. The bikes are thus optimized to absorb the saddle hours in the greatest comfort. Weight gain is not the priority, high speed either.

Thus the wheels are optimized to pass the passes without forcing, the saddles offer the greatest comfort, the position of the pilot is less exclusive, more straight, and the bike is often intended to be equipped with a few small saddlebags, Sludge for rolling in the rain.

Some criteria of a cycling touring bike:

  • Aluminum frame
  • Very curved fork for shock
  • Aluminum wheels
  • Saddle very comfortable
  • Very flexible bases and stays
  • Mid-range groups
  • Triple trays
  • Cassette equipped with 28 teeth or more.
  • Comfort and limited wear tires
  • Lighting
  • Foot pedals with specific footwear system for easy walking.
    Side price, it remains very reasonable.

Types of road bikes: Time trial or Triathlon bikes

The goal is to achieve a high-performance bike, has perfect penetration in the air with a performance optimization. The geometry is very plunging, and the runner is tilted forward. On the side of the frame, the monoblocks are the kings. Very rigid, they are equipped with a triathlon handlebars and a group specially designed to be integrated into a minimum of space and weight on the bike.

All the extra accessories are removed, and the bikes are equipped with very high profile (80 mm) carbon wheels or lenticular wheels.

Some criteria for a time trial bike or Triathlon:

  • Very rigid monoblock carbon frame!
  • Straight fork
  • High profile, lenticular or stick carbon wheels
  • Saddle very light and very fine
  • Very diving position
  • Very rigid bases
  • High-end and particular group
  • Triathlon handlebars are adapted to the morphology
  • Hoses
  • Pedals individual triathlon
    On the price aspect, these are the most expensive!

Types of road bikes: Hybrid bikes

Whether you want to learn how to ride a bike, go to work, take a ride after work, discover cycling routes, the hybrid bike is the solution! The hybrid bike is a hybrid between a mountain bike and a racing bike. We take both systems, and we retain only the advantages of each.

It is a bicycle designed to ride both in urban areas and on dirt roads, characterized by a straight handlebar, a comfortable saddle, and large diameter wheels equipped with wide tires that absorb shocks.

Some criteria of a hybrid bike or fitness bike:

  • Aluminum or carbon frame
  • Compact or triple crankset
  • Stirrup or disc brakes
  • Wheels in 700
  • 28 mm tires
  • Lightness
  • A minimum of yield
  • Traditional pedals/pedals (Double-sided Pedal)
  • Compatible with installation of fenders and racks


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