Choosing a Folding Bike: Criteria to Consider
Looking for a bike that’s easy to store, whether it is at home or in the office? Opt for a folding bike. Practical and exceptionally compact, this type of bike, like the Brompton, can meet all your requirements. To choose it well, here are some tips.

The folding bike, more and more traditional

Throughout the world, the practice of cycling is developing. The folding bike is also increasingly used. We love her, especially for her practical side. As the name suggests, it is a foldable model. With it, no more problems with parking, storage or transportation. However, as the offer is becoming more and more popular, it is always a good idea to choose a folding bike. To find the model that best suits your needs, consider the following criteria.

The clutter, the Brompton as reference

The first criterion to consider when choosing a folding bike is its ease of storage. Indeed, once folded, all show a degree of compactness differ. In general, the reference remains the Brompton. With its dimensions of 565 mm × 545 mm × 250 mm (i.e., 0.077 m3), it is often unbeatable.

Its dimensions make it possible, for example, to take it quickly on trains or buses. The transport is even easier thanks to a Brompton bike carrying handle. It can be easily stored under a desk, or under a table at the restaurant. To choose your foldable bike, you can, therefore, consider this British model as a standard. However, it all depends on your needs. If you think that this criterion is not essential, you can always turn to models with larger dimensions.

Speed ​​of storage

The time required to fold your bike is also necessary. This time differs according to the models. If you have to carry your bike on a train or bus, a fast bike is the best choice. Avoid models that require removing wheels or disassembling too complicated. Some folding bikes want foldable in seconds. Some models can fold in less than 5 seconds. In general, a foldable bike in less than 10 seconds remains a wise choice.

Note that to fold a Brompton, a seasoned user can take 10 to 20 seconds. Systems can, therefore, be quite complex. This delay is nonetheless acceptable to reach your train quickly.

The weight of your mount

Also, consider the weight of the bike. Wearing a foldable bike must be easy. Wearing a 10 kg bike, from the 2 nd floor to the ground floor can, in the long run, exhaust you. Depending on your situation, try always to opt for a more or less light model. In general, weights can range from 9 to 10 kilos for the smallest.

Do not forget to consider the weight of the accessories. Choose them carefully according to your real needs. If you need to use a basket or rack for your folding bike, try taking the lightest bike. This avoids being burdened with too much. An aluminum frame can also reduce the weight of your mount. Be careful, however, as it may be less resistant.

The comfort level of the folding bike

A bicycle, the bigger the wheels, the more comfort level is appreciable. However, on a folding bike, the small size of the wheels makes one feel a little more the irregularities of the road. To remedy this problem. However, there are solutions. Opting for tires like the Schwalbe Marathon Plus and their sturdiness, for example, will help to increase your comfort. You can also opt for a folding bike equipped with suspensions. The Brompton, the Birdy, or the Moulton offer it. As for the size of the wheels, some models can still offer wheels 20 inches or more.

Wheel size and speeds

Also, due to the small wheels of the folding bikes, road performance can be significantly affected. For faster riding, it is also regretted that most models are not equipped with sufficient speeds. If you are looking for performance on your bike, it is advisable to opt for models such as the Tyrell I’ve. Distributed mainly in Asia and Germany, they offer 18-inch and 9-speed wheels to the derailleur. There are also folding bikes specially designed for speed. This is the case, for example, with the Montague Crosstown, equipped with 24-inch wheels.

A folding bike with electric assistance?

Finally, know that you can also opt for folding bikes with an electric motor. The choice of such a model will be based mainly on your physical shape, the type of terrain or the distances you will be traveling. More and more electric folding bikes are currently available. This applies especially to the Mate Bike, considered the “coolest and cheapest electric folding bike” on the market.

However, an electric folding bike is usually much heavier. For the Mate bike, count 21.5 kg (weight of bike + battery). An electric motor can also impact the price. Nevertheless, if models such as Ahooga bikes are offered from 2,099 euros, classic models like the Birdy (with gearbox built into the hub) can still cost up to 4,000 euros.

In general, to choose a folding bike, the most important is, therefore, to focus on ease of storage. This is the primary purpose of this type of bike. For the rest, your choice can perfectly be made according to your individual needs, whether regarding aesthetics, lightness, or performance …


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