Choose the correct frame size according to its shape
Selecting a bike should be done according to your waist, especially if this is your first. Always want a bike with a frame size suited to your morphology. Your comfort and your performance depend on it. To do this, you need to determine your correct bike size.

Choose the correct frame size according to its shape
Choose the correct frame size according to its shape

Before buying a bicycle, one of the first questions to ask yourself is “what size frame is right for me? “. It is essential always to choose a frame that corresponds to your morphology. If so, your performance may be affected. Performance refers to your ability to pedal for hours at a time, without feeling any pain, whether in the back, neck, legs, arms or shoulders. Having the right frame size is the guarantee of being able to practice your practice in a total comfort, maximizing your performance.

Frame size, postural study

If this is your first bicycle and you do not have any prior reference, you can move to a postural education. This study allows you, depending on your anatomy, to determine the ideal dimensions of your future bike. It is usually offered if you opt for a tailor-made frame.

It will then allow you to have the first order of ideas. However, due to the wide variety of designs and uses of the bike, accurate results without correct gauge can be complicated. Fortunately, there are other ways to determine your ideal bike size.

Scientific formulas for bike size

You can use scientific methods to help you find the frame size that best matches your body shape. These simple methods based on the length of the crotch make it possible to determine in a first step the height of the frame. Because the size of a bike corresponds to the height of its seat tube.

For a road bike, use the following formula:

  • Length of crotch (in cm) x 0.66 = Recommended frame size (cm)

For an ATV, here is the formula to apply:

  • Length of crotch (in cm) x 0.59 = Recommended frame size (cm)

Note that the scale of a frame can be presented in cm or inches. It can also be shown in standardized size: XS, S, M, L, XL or XXL. These sizes may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer. Always have some clearance between the crotch and the horizontal tube of the frame for maximum comfort. The ideal is 4cm for a road bike and 8cm for a mountain bike.

Right frame length

Having a good frame length is equally essential for your comfort. To find this length, you must apply a formula based on the ratio between the leg (EJ) / size (T). It allows you to determine better the ratio height/length for your bike.

  • If EJ / T = 0.48; Length = Height + 1 cm
  • If EJ / T <0.48; Length <Height + 1 cm
  • If EJ / T> 0, 48; Length> Height + 1 cm

Be careful, however, because the size of the cyclist is given in this table only as an indication. Most often, it is not taken into account in the frame measurement. The geometry and design of today’s executives vary widely, depending on the manufacturer. There is currently no standard. Since each does not have the same proportions, the most important measure remains that of the crotch.

To be sure that the frame suits you, one of the best ways is to try the bike. It is essential to have a good feeling once installed on your mount. Never buy a bicycle on which you feel discomfort. Therefore, in addition to the size of the bike, it is important to make the right adjustments to your mount, i.e., the height and inclination of the handlebars and stem. Not to mention the importance of choosing the saddle. These changes are also made according to your morphology and your personal needs.


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