How to choose the size of your ATV?

The size of the ATV, what importance?

If there is a criterion to take into account when choosing your next ATV, it is the size. Indeed, whether you practice mountain biking as a leisure or for the competition, choosing the right size for your bike will allow you to both gain efficiency and comfort. In the same way, the better you want the size of the bike, the more it will be handy and the less likely you will be to hurt yourself. Finally, you will also be less tired. In other words, here is an element not to be neglected.

Measuring your crotch

Contrary to what one thinks, the most important step to take into account is not your size, but that of your crotch. To measure it, use a large book, such as a directory or dictionary, and a meter. Put yourself back to a wall, feet bare and without pants. Tighten the book between your legs as high as possible: the crotch is the distance between the top of the paper and the floor. You still have to multiply the value obtained by 0.56 to get the ideal size of your bike. For information, a cyclist between 1m75 and 1m80 will need an ATV with a magnitude between 46 and 50 cm.

Calculate the length of the frame and the height of the ATV seat tube

Have you found the perfect size for your ATV? There are a few things you can do to make your bike comfortable. To calculate the length of your ATV, calculate the size of your bust then add to it the size in length of your arm. Divide that number by 2.4, and you will have the ideal frame period. Finally, you have to choose the height of your saddle: to calculate the ideal optimum height; you just have to resume the measurement of your crotch and multiply this time by 0.885.

What position on your ATV?

Your ATV now normally has the perfect size suited to your morphology and your practice. Now you have to know how to position yourself well: the business is important because a good position will offer you more comfort and performance and will avoid unnecessary efforts. As for the handlebars, your shoulders should be in the axis of the hanger. Adjust the stem accordingly. As for the saddle, do not hesitate to move back a little back for more comfort. On the other hand, go ahead for more efficiency.

Improve your position in motion

To be in the ideal position on your ATV when you are driving, you have to be tilted forward, at 45 ° to the ground. Pedaling is also important: make sure your knees graze the horizontal tube for less fatigue and more power. Also, remember to place the foot on the pedal: ensure that you have the big toe joint at the pedal axis: if it is too far forward, you will sometimes pedal for almost no performance.

Coach’s advice

Obviously, the sizes indicated above are theoretical: the best way to choose the ideal size of your ATV is to try several models and adjust, as you practice, your position.


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