How to choose your bike helmet?


While wearing a helmet is not mandatory on bicycles, it can still be used as a bike accessory. To tell the truth, if you were to procure only one accessory, it would be this one. Indeed, in the event of a shock in town or the countryside, only the helmet can protect you from any serious injury. However, not all cycling practices necessarily require the same helmet. For kids first, be sure to choose a helmet that will fit their growing size. If you are traveling on roads, ATVs or ATVs, go for a round or profiled helmet with large vents. However, if you practice the BMX or the freeride ATV, then prefer a full-face helmet.

What size for your headphones?

This is an important issue because your helmet must not be too big or too small: it must fit perfectly to your waist for optimum safety. Thus, the helmet must fit on your head both forward and backward and from right to left. It must thus be able to hold correctly, even if you have the head down. To choose the size of your helmet, you need to measure your head circumference. If it is between 53 and 56 cm, choose XS or S. Size M corresponds to a waist circumference between 57 and 58 cm and above 60 cm, choose XL.

Between safety and comfort

To be perfect, a helmet must be both reliable and comfortable. If your helmet hinders you, your behavior may be disrupted. Make sure that the model you choose allows proper ventilation to reduce the effect of sweating, that it is lightweight and that the strap is comfortable. As for holding, you can make a choice between occipital foam or velcro fastening, while a knob will offer you better adjustment accuracy.

Proper use of the helmet

It is not enough to wear a helmet; you must wear it. For this purpose, here are some tips for the proper use of a helmet: first, remember that the straps that hold the helmet must form a triangle that closes under the ear. On the other hand, a wrong position of the helmet on the skull renders it useless; It must be ensured that it is placed horizontally so that it does not slip in case of shock. Finally, remember to change the helmet in the event of blow or after five years, the average life of such an accessory.

What budget for your helmet?

You will find useful helmets whatever your budget and your level of practice. In general, the average price is between 20 and 100 $ for models used in ATVs, VTCs or roads. Count a little more expensive for a full-face helmet.

Coach’s advice

Your headset should not limit your field of vision: it should cover the forehead, back of the head and temples.


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