The tips of grandmother to clean their hands after bicycle repairs
Back to school, it is time to take the bikes out of the garage. Between the big cleaning and the small repairs, you will roll up the sleeves …

The tips of grandmother to clean their hands after bicycle repairs
The tips of grandmother to clean their hands after bicycle repairs

After fixing our bike, we may find ourselves with dirty or even filthy hands due to sludge, grease, oil and other cleaning products. To clean your hands efficiently and especially in a natural way, here are some recipes of the grandmother: white vinegar, coffee or lemon, discover all the tricks for a hand washing healthy and exceptionally safe.

Wash your hands full of ambitious with white vinegar

To clean your hands naturally, after repairing or servicing your bike, a first trick is to use white vinegar and flour. Two natural products that will be most effective in getting rid of sludge, oil or grease. To make use of it, it is very simple …

To start, take white vinegar and flour that you will find in your kitchen, mix the two ingredients together to get a paste. Then use it to rub your hands vigorously. You will see that all dirt will soon disappear. Your hands will then be clean and preserved. That is it!

Clean your hands after a bicycle repair with coconut oil

The second method will be to use lemon associated with coconut oil and dried orange peel. Lemon is indeed recognized for its amazing qualities of natural degreaser. It is made up of many limonenes, one of the most efficient and used as a cleaning agent to remove oil from mechanical machine parts. In addition to lemon, you will also need coconut oil, perfect for dissolving grease and grime encrusted in the folds and interstices of the hands. It will also hydrate your hands once they have been thoroughly exfoliated. Finally, the orange peels, also very rich in limonene, will exfoliate the skin by effectively removing grease and dirt.

To wash your hands with these ingredients, take half a cup of coconut oil, five tablespoons of dried orange peel and lemon essential oil (50 drops will suffice). Mix in a bowl and then use the mix too vigorously rub your hands until the grease and dirt begin to come off. To finish, wash and rub your hands with soap and water. All you have to do is wipe gently. You see the result very quickly: clean and soft hands in addition to being perfumed! If you also want to have a solution ready, do not hesitate to try the hand washing paste after bike repair with a lemon scent.

Get rid of dirt on hands naturally

Another method is to use coconut oil, coffee, and sugar, always natural ingredients that you can get in your kitchen. Coffee and sugar will exfoliate the skin actually. They will thus be able to get rid of the dirt and the oil that are encrusted there. To make your natural coffee based degreaser, take ½ cup of coconut oil, three tablespoons of coffee. Moreover, add three tablespoons of sugar before mixing in a bowl or glass.

Like the previous method, use this mixture to rub your hands vigorously. When the grease or sludge then begins to detach, finish by passing hands under water and rubbing them with soap. You will see that this one will be grateful to you. After using one of these three tricks, in addition to being clean, they will indeed be treated in addition to being rehydrated!

Moreover, for those who do not want to bother, you can also simply equip yourself with latex gloves … A comfortable and just as practical way to protect your hands!


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