How to remove bike grease from clothes: Remove oil stain requires the use of strong detergents such as gasoline F, turpentine or white spirit.

Fortunately, there is a quick fix to avoid using these products: butter. Indeed, this fat takes off the sludge, and even oil and fuel as no detergent can do.

If the butter has stained the surface, wash it with Marseille soap.

How to remove bike grease from clothes
How to remove bike grease from clothes

Is surprising not it? Moreover, yes butter is the most natural solution.
First, remove the small pellets or thicknesses with a spatula, then spread much butter on the stirring tasks. Let it rest a little and wash with soap, or go to the machine at 30/40 °. If the tasks are persistent, renew the experience.

Above all, do not wash hot and even cold the textile in the machine without having tried to remove the work before. This risks to mark your textile irremediably.

Clean a dirt spot on cloth.

Before attempting to clean a dirt spot on a garment, check the fabric composition.

How to remove bike grease from clothes: On cotton

• If the stain is cool, scratch the excess with a spoon.
• Rub the stain of butter.
• Leave for a few moments.
• Soap the laundry.
• Rinse out.
• If stain remains, dab it with a cloth soaked in white spirit.

How to remove bike grease from clothes:  On silk, satin or velvet

• Scrub the stain with butter.
• Leave the butter on the stain a few hours.
• Sponge with the soapy water.
• Wash with a damp cloth.

How to remove bike grease from clothes: Grease stain on jeans

How to clean jeans stained by oil? Whether oil stain bike, black fat, or fat sauce, not dye his jeans before washing grease stains may become embedded and therefore become harder to remove. With our advice discover how to eliminate an oil stain on jeans , even a black oil stain.

How to remove oil stains

Still wet spot

1- Talc or flour
Immediately sprinkle the stained area of the jeans talc or powder. Flour or talc will absorb the grease spot; it will do more than the dusting.
If any stain remains, use the other solutions.

2 – Soap of Marseille
Rub the oily stain with white soap (the soap is ideal) barely moist to form a kind of crust.
Leave on for at least an hour.
Then emulsify.
Rinse and wash.
Stain of old or inlaid grease

3 – Ammonia
Clean the oil stain with a cloth moistened with water and a few drops of ammonia.
Knowing that ammonia is a formidable stain remover, but which requires certain precautions:
Do not breathe vapors that this product gives

clean by opening the window wide, without smoking, and protecting your hands by household gloves.

Rinse after staining and then wash the jeans.

4 – Soda crystals
Clean the grease on the jeans by dabbing the stain with a cloth impregnated with a solution consisting of a tablespoon of crystals for a bowl of warm water.
Rinse and wash.

5 – Talc and iron
Sprinkle talcum stain, then apply on the spot of grease -absorbing paper sheets then pass a hot iron on the whole.
The paper will absorb the fat or wake the stain encrusted.

How to remove bike grease from clothes: Black bike or engine grease stain

6 – Bicarbonate and lemon juice
Dab the stain with a cloth dampened with lemon juice, sprinkle with baking soda, then rub with a toothbrush or nail brush.
Rinse or wash.

7 – Essence of turpentine
Dab the stain with a cloth soaked in oil.
Rinse and wash the jeans.

8 – White vinegar
Clean by dabbing with a cloth moistened with pure white vinegar.
Then rinse.
Wash the jeans.

9 – White spirit
The strongest polish stains will fade if you dampen them (without ever rubbing or spreading) with a cloth moistened with white spirit.
After this stain removal, massage the area with soap and then wash regularly.


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