Difficulty: medium
Duration: 10 to 20mn

Tools needed to change a rear wheel: the Flat key to loosen the wheel axle (if you do not have a quick clamping system.)


Immediate Tightening: Quick tightening of a wheel is a system that allows you to tighten and loosen a wheel by hand without tools.

The immediate tightening is located at the center of the wheel (middle) and consists of a small lever which must be lowered or raised to tighten or not the wheel.

Cassette: The Cassette is the name given to the trays located at the back, so on the axis of the wheel. The cassette has the shape of a pyramid and contains 6 to 7 plates.

Remove the rear wheel from the bicycle.

Before starting to remove the rear wheel, it is necessary to pay attention to the speeds and to pass them until reaching the smallest plate in the front as in the rear.

This will help to have less tension in the chain and remove the wheel more quickly.
If you have a V-brake brake (with skids), you must also release the brake, pressing it and removing the small round metal part from its notch, which is just above the tire.

If you have a disc brake, just make sure not to apply the brake while your wheel (and therefore the disc) is no longer on the bike.

If you have a quick release system, raise the small lever by hand and then turn it counterclockwise to loosen it.

If you do not have this system, take a wrench to loosen the bolts on both sides of the wheel axle.

Once the wheel has been loosened, you can detach it by moving it downwards or backward (depending on the bracket of the frame, which is the notch in which the wheel axis comes block).

You must not remove the chain or your derailleur to take off your wheel (which would be very long).

Once the axis of the wheel comes out of the legs of the bicycle (from their notches in the frame), you can quickly remove the wheel entirely by taking care that the chain does not hang on the cassette.

Fit a rear wheel.

Most of the time your wheel already has an axle, if it is not, you will have to insert one through the hub of your wheel (middle part) as shown in the first few seconds of the video.

Mounting a rear wheel is not insurmountable, just pay attention to one thing: position the chain on the cassette.

To do this, place the wheel in the middle of the chain. The upper part of the chain must be included on the cassette, and the lower part of the chain must be underneath the cassette without touching it.

Once the upper part is put on the cassette, you can insert your axis into the legs of the frames (the two notches on one side and the other on the frame).

Once the wheel has been correctly installed, all you have to do is tighten the spindle (by turning the lever and then lowering it for a quick-release system or tightening the two bolts). Using a wrench in the clockwise without a standard pin.)

Then reinsert the brake as you removed if you have a V-brake (as on the video).

Finally check with your pedals to see if your wheel is turning correctly and turning straight (if it is not, the wheel is incorrectly installed in the legs of the frame) and check that your wheel is tight.


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