Techno Respro Cycling mask for cyclist: Techno Anti-Pollution Mask

Protection for cyclist against pollution Techno Respro

This filtering mask for athletes is recommended for everyday use in the city, especially in areas frequently exposed to pollution peaks such as the major cities.

Anti-pollution mask with double filter

The Techno Respro mask offers one of the best protection possible by combining two key technologies present on the Respro City and Respro Sports masks.

It has a first filter that is found on the City mask that protects against gasses and vapors. It prevents inspiration from the primary pollutants released by vehicle exhaust systems. This filter has been manufactured to block a wide variety of conventional pollutants in the city. It prevents chemical pollutants such as hydrocarbons including benzene and pyrene, oxides of nitrogen, lead oxide, sulfur dioxide and black fumes.

It is combined with a second filter, derived from the Sports version, which prevents the fine particles present in the polluted air from polluting and dusting much more exceptional. It stops allergens and reduces the risk of hay fever. It is an electrostatic device that hangs the smallest particles up to 0.3 microns. However, beware, this mask is not equipped with an activated carbon filter and therefore does not protect against chemical substances.

Protective mask for comfortable cyclist

The Respro Techno is equipped with two valves to make the air circulate well. With an ergonomic design and Velcro fasteners, this hypoallergenic neoprene anti- pollution mask adapts perfectly to the face’s morphology. It prevents uninflated air infiltration to ensure 100% effective protection. It is available in 2 sizes: Medium and Large.

Filter protection: Hydrocarbons: benzene and pyrene, oxides of nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, lead oxide and black fumes

Sub-micron particles: pollens, rapeseed dust, irritant dust, clay dust, Black smoke


  • One particle supply up to 0.3 microns
  • Rapid Airflow Valve System with flap
  • Washable

Mask with washable filter

The mask is supplied with a Techno filter. It is a double filter that is used only for use and can, therefore, be stored. In the same way, exposed to less or no pollution, it wears less quickly. It is assumed that a filter that is used one hour a day at the average pollution level in urban traffic requires replacement after six months. Before this time, if breathing becomes less fluid, this indicates that the micropores of the filters are clogged and must be washed. This filter is washable; it is possible to disinfect it, in the case of influenza in particular. For this, just soak it for a few minutes in boiling water and dry it well.

Recommendation: To maintain the optimum effectiveness of the clamp that holds the mask on the nose, it is advisable not to bend it when the mask is not in use. Instead, it is recommended to wind the mask, taking care not to twist the clamp. Rolling it around a finger or a pen helps prevent it from bending.

Customer Reviews

“This is the best mask for construction work I have ever used. I was diagnosed with industrial bronchitis number of years ago, and as a plumber it’s really limited me in that I am completely unable to work with PVC cement, but I worked in the crawlspace growing up PVC cement the other day and was not able to smell it for wearing this mask and had no repercussions whereas normally I would be coughing for at least two days after that kind of exposure.”By M. Chandler

“I got this mask along with some nonreusable N95 masks for working in Shanghai and work-related travel around China. The disposable masks which filtered out the nasty stuff left my face dripping with sweat even in cool weather — this one had the best ventilation and is the least uncomfortable. It has the added advantage that it is easy to remove or pull up for a moment (to deal with a running nose for example). Works OK with glasses. I hate having to use it, but given the poor air quality, it is a lifesaver.”By John Lehman


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