SMP Trekking Bike Saddle Review

Patented ergonomic bike saddle

The SMP Trekking Saddle from the Italian SMP brand is ideal for cyclists who drive long distances in the city or for hiking. It preserves your health as it significantly reduces urogenital problems.

Indeed, this ergonomic saddle is the result of a perfect interaction between the cyclist and the latest technology. The patented SMP Trekking has the following features:

  • The seat nozzle provides a flat base that gives you better control of the bike during long climbs or steep descents. Its light weight is 395 grams.
  • The central channel increases the airflow by about 100% and allows the genital areas not to be compressed.
  • Its carefully designed seat lets you distribute your weight on both sides of the saddle without having a rubbing sensation. Comfortable the SMP Trekking is padded with a soft polyurethane.
  • The length of the steel rails makes the installation particularly simple and efficient on most of the saddle posts. The dimensions of the saddle are: a length of 280 mm and a width of 160 mm.

For optimum comfort, discover the SMP Trekking Gel Saddle. To protect your bike saddle from showers, consider waterproof covers such as the optional rain bicycle saddle protector.

Fixing of the saddle on tube or saddle trolley

The saddle is installed using a system of jaws which fix the rails of the saddle. For this, there are two solutions offered as an option at a discount rate. Remember to check the equipment on your bike:

  • Seatpost with integrated jaw (the optional one has a diameter of 27.2mm)
  • Seat truck to be installed on a seat post.

Customer Reviews

“There was one before … and one after! Before I was hurting, now I have nothing but pleasure. If you have the same problem, I strongly advise the SMP saddles. I do not know if others are as effective, but you will understand the benefit very quickly.”By Jacques E.

“When I was 55 years old, I preferred perineal comfort to the comfort of the points of support (bones of the pelvis), hiking; I estimate that even with training, stay 7 to 8 hours on a Saddle is not physiological. After that, it remains a matter of compromise: shorts, adjustment of the height of the stem, the height and the advance of the saddle, reading of the course and regular releases of the support on the saddle. In conclusion, at the end of my journey, I no longer feel this residual pressure in the perineum, excellent product. Desirable improvement: graduations of the saddle trolley.”By Serge M.

“This saddle is as good for a woman as for man. I bought it during a tour (Paris-Bordeaux). The saddle I had before did very badly, in places I will not mention, after a hundred kilometers in a few days. After I installed this saddle, I no longer had any pain. I have done more than 8000 km with, and I always use it !!” By Carmen A.


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