Junior Rear Child Seat: Child seat 5 to 10 years on saddle tube Junior Classic Bobike Review

Convenient back baby carrier for city bike

The Bobike Junior Classic black rear seat is designed to carry children aged 5 to 10 and weighing up to 32 kg on your bike. This baby carrier is equipped with a lap belt and height adjustable footrests to keep your child seated safely. It also has a soft and comfortable cushion for any ride. Its use is reserved for bikes equipped with protectors.

Robust and balanced Bobike baby seat

Delivered with a fastening, the Junior Classic child seat is easily mounted on the rear frame of a bike in three points. Initially, the installation of the baby carrier is done at the level of the seat tube, giving it an excellent robustness. In a second step, the fixing is done on the degree of the right and left stays of your bicycle, to reach a perfect balance. An installation video of the Bobike Junior Classic is available at the bottom of the page. You can also view the assembly instructions for the Bobike seat.

Junior Rear Child Seat
Junior Rear Child Seat

Baby carrier for multi-function bike

The Bobike Junior Classic is multifunctional: when folded forward it can be converted into a luggage rack thanks to the hooks on the back of the seat. Also, the seat can be placed on an original rear luggage rack: Basil extends the possibility of installing saddlebags on the back of the bike. For the youngest children, discover the Bobike One Mini front seat.

Customer Reviews

“Seat purchased several months ago. My daughter of 7 is still so glad to ride on it in the morning to go to school, and the seat has not moved. The foldable luggage rack function is a real plus and gives the impression of having a multifunction bike! I followed Bruno’s advice on the skirt, and it is true that it is obligatory. I even took a second one to cover the upper half of the wheel.” By Camille P.

Bobike Junior Classic Rear Childseat
Bobike Junior Classic Rear Childseat

“Solid product that inspires confidence, indeed at the price of a relative heaviness (almost 5kg). My kid loves his “big seat”! I had only one problem with this product: the rubber clamping joints between the clamping ring and the shrouds were replaced (by the inner tube) after three weeks of use. However, I have met other users of this seat who have not encountered this problem. I may be misused, too tight, the fixing system on the stays. A tip: put a skirt on the rear wheel, to avoid the kid taking his feet, laces, pants, skirt, on the shelves. My son had already made a heel once by the rays when his foot slipped (towards the back) of the footrest. Thank you for your comment. Indeed the installation of a skirt is almost impossible to circumvent to optimize the safety of the child. We offer it to you as an option at a discounted price.”By Bruno V.


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