Best bike locks to prevent theft: Once the bike is acquired, it remains the great question of its protection; All Statistics (and our personal examples) prove it: the flight is not inevitable; just follow some essential tips and choose a bicycle padlock sufficiently robust and suited to its needs.

How to choose best bike locks to prevent theft
How to choose best bike locks to prevent theft


Promote an anchorage point with an already existing bicycle grouping and especially in a passing place. This will deter thieves! For information:

  • 90% of flights take place when the bike is not properly attached
  • 50% of flights take place in the courtyards and corridors of buildings

The golden rule is to always hang the bike to a fixed point and the frame, and including a short stop and in the courtyards and halls building (1 flight of 2 occurs in this situation with A bike that is not attached to a fixed point). It is preferable to hang the frame at the height of about 50 cm and to orient the lock down. Finally, it is advisable to change the quick couplings of the saddle and the wheels against specific anti-theft bolts.

Best bike locks to prevent theft: THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF BICYCLE LOCK

We also recommend investing 10 to 15% of bicycle theft in the price: in fact, it is useless to buy an antitheft € 60 if you bought your used bike at this price. It will also take into account the risk of theft: does the bike sleep outside? Is it parked in places at risk? Etc …

Most anti-theft manufacturers use rating scales to assess the level of protection of the bike; It is important to refer to the classification characteristics; There are also many articles on the Internet with anti-theft tests to see more clearly.

There is now a multitude of possibilities regarding the anti-theft of bicycles. The most common are:

  • The locks U: a difference between the models is the quality of the steel and the degree of effectiveness. These are the most appreciated by cyclists for their robustness and their level of security.
  • The folding locks: they experienced a dazzling start it a few years ago, are now highly present in the market; They have been declined in a ultra-lite version for those who want a featherweight. Lightweight and compact, they fit easily into a cover that can be attached to the frame. They are practical to use and represent an excellent alternative to U-shaped locks.
  • The framework locks: it is the Dutch burglar par excellence. It makes it possible to make stop-minutes without risk of being stolen its mount. In combination with a string, it will be very convenient for heavy bikes ( biporteurs and tricycles ).
  • The locks saddle and wheels (with an exclusive locking system or with an Allen key): saddle or theft of wheels is not inevitable: it is the ideal system in terms of price and practicality: these kits Are inexpensive and allow you to avoid having to think systematically hang the frame + the wheels (and possibly the saddle). Nice to know: a bike that is equipped with this type of bolts will not fear flying at the snatch.
  • Steering lock connected: it is a small revolution in the middle of the lock. Through the Bluetooth connection of its smartphone and the application of the brand more need to key to unlocking it. The anti-theft system is also equipped with a geolocation system that allows monitoring its bike.

Prefer hard locks because they are much more resistant than a standard cable. Also, it is also recommended to take a frame anti-theft in the case of minute stop. Remember to attach the frame and the front wheel to a fixed point.

Best bike locks to prevent theft: HOW TO CHOOSE THE ANTI-THEFT DIMENSION?

To hang your bike at a dedicated terminal in town, a standard size lock (23 cm U-lock / 75 cm fold-away lock) will suffice; However, in the following cases, we advise you to switch on a larger anti-theft device (anti-theft U 30 cm / folding anti-theft 90 to 120 cm).

  • If the anchorage is delicate in town (staircase, building hall, courtyard, etc.) or hiking (electric pole, tree, etc.)
  • To attach two adult bikes together at a fixed point
  • For attaching an adult bike and one or more child bikes
  • To attach an adult bike and a child bike trailer or a + tandem Follow-me

Best bike locks to prevent theft: ANTI-THEFT KEY OR CODE LOCK?

Most locks are keyed; They are supplied with two keys, and we recommend unlinking the two keys at the time of purchase. Some manufacturers offer a service to make lost duplicates of keys; is the case of the service key Abuse and Axa service key; These services will ask you for the antitheft and the number engraved on the key or entered on the card provided when purchasing the lock.

Moreover, it is nice to know that some manufacturers, such as Abus, can provide “anti-theft” locks, that is to say, several locks that open with the same key, which will be particularly appreciated in Family use; Thus, no more need to clutter the pockets with multiple keys …

Meanwhile, manufacturers are also developing coded locks, which are useful when several cyclists use the same bike or when you have a habit of misplacing her keys!

Best bike locks to prevent theft: ADVICE ON THE PURCHASE OF ANTI-THEFT AND KEY COPY

Most locks are closed, they are supplied with two keys, and we recommend that you separate the key two from the acquisition. Some manufacturers offer a service to make Lost Key duplicates; This is the case for the Abus essential service and the AXA key service; These services will ask you for the antitheft and the number engraved on the key or entered on the card provided when purchasing the lock.

Best bike locks to prevent theft: THE BICYCODE MARKING

Finally, marking Bicycle is highly recommended; this etching system was set up by the FUB (Federation of Bicycle Users): This is a unique number engraved on the bicycle frame, and that can deter theft and facilitate the refund When the bike is found. Engraving operations are organized by local associations or at festive events around soft mobility.


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