To get your stolen bike refunded: the 6 things to know about the Kryptonite ATPO: The brand Kryptonite has just launched the ATPO in France, its program of reimbursement of the bicycle that is offered to buyers of its anti-theft. More …

France is also concerned. Since 1978, Kryptonite has offered its anti-theft buyers an Anti-Theft Protection Offer (ATPO). An optional service that exists in many countries like Canada or the United States and just recently in France! So here are the six things to know about ATPO …

To get your stolen bike refunded: the 6 things to know about the Kryptonite ATPO
To get your stolen bike refunded: the 6 things to know about the Kryptonite ATPO

What is ATPO?

If your bike is stolen after opening or breaking by force of a Kryptonite anti-theft device, the brand agrees to refund the price of the bike according to the maximum amounts defined in the contractor to supplement the amount reimbursed by the insurance deductible If applicable. It should be noted that this does not include taxes or secondary accessories such as an anti-theft cable.

Who can benefit?

All those who have bought a U-lock or a chain submitted to the ATPO since 1 January 2016 and who have kept the purchase ticket. To find out if a product is supported, only search for its package if it has a sticker indicating that it is part of the program.

How does it work?

The program is optional and must be registered on the Kryptonite website within 30 days of purchase. Registration is easy, select the country «France» and fill in the requested fields. You will have to complete the information about your mount (basic price, brand, model, serial number, photo, …) and your anti-theft (model, the serial number of the product and its keys …). Of copies of invoices bike and protection are required.

If you no longer have the deed of sale available, you will have to provide an evaluation done with a reseller who will have estimated the current value of your bike. This document must include your full contact details and your e-mail address. You will also be asked to indicate if you have insurance on the vehicle. In this case, Kryptonite will ask the insurance company for the amount of your deductible.

How much does it cost?

Program registration fees range from $ 9.99 for a minimum of $ 29.99 for five years for moderate security locks; That is, having security levels of 5 and 6. From level 7 security, the first year of ATPO is offered. It will then take between $ 9.99 and $ 24.99. Find the complete price list:

For example, for an Evolution Mini 5 anti-theft level 7, the first year of protection will be free. The cyclist will then pay $ 9.99 for two additional years or $ 24.99 for five years.

What are the procedures to follow in case of bicycle theft?

In the event of theft of your bike, first, report it to the police within 72 hours. Also, inform your insurance if your bike is covered. A claim must then be filed with Kryptonite within seven days of the on-site flight or by calling one 781-828-6655 (UK / Europe customers). You will then be asked for:

Your address and e-mail address

  • The registration confirmation number or the program registration confirmation email
  • The copy of the official police report
  • The description of how you attached the anti-theft device
  • A photo of the fractured antitheft. You are not required to send a piece of the broken anti-theft. However, Kryptonite reserves the right to request the original in return in certain cases. Note however that if a customer does not register online, a piece of the anti-theft will then be necessary.

A photo of an original key

To get your stolen bike refunded: the 6 things to know about the Kryptonite ATPO
To get your stolen bike refunded: the 6 things to know about the Kryptonite ATPO

Proof of deductible from the insurance company if you are covered by insurance
What financial compensation?

When the claim is approved, you will be reimbursed for the basic price of the bike. Depending on your bike and the protection was chosen, this can go up to 4500 €. Note that even if the registration is in Dollars, the financial compensation in France, it, is made in euros.

Coverage in Europe

The ATPO offer provides European coverage across all 29 countries covered by ATPO. It applies to one bike per lock at a time. For electric bicycles, the battery is not supported by the program. It should also be noted that this is not transferable from one individual to another. You can not offer to transfer your offer when you sell your bike to an individual.

On the other hand, if you buy a new bike, it is possible to apply for your anti-theft protection on this new cycle by directly transmitting the new information (model, serial number, brand …) to Kryptonite. Note also that the ATPO also applies to motorcycles for a refund up to a maximum amount of 1750 €.


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