Crazy Safety or playful safety!

Safety can be fun; this is the philosophy of Crazy Safety. The Danish company understands that a helmet protects only if it is worn and that for the safety of the child it is necessary to make the helmet as fun as possible to make him want to wear it. What better way to do that than a helmet with the image of his favorite animal, in 3D and ultra, colored? The child is delighted to be almost disguised, and the safety-conscious parent is reassured because the Crazy Safety helmet also combines comfort and safety.

Crazy Safety, a crazy universe

Shark, tiger, dragon … Crazy Safety imposes no limits on its range of helmets and bicycle accessories for children. The company has given its helmets original shapes of colorful animals. Toddlers can only be seduced. More than a simple accessory, the child bike helmet becomes for them a real companion. Wearing a safety accessory to a child will never have as easy, even the most reluctant of them.

These helmets were designed by Danish designer Zdenko Oliver Santini, who became passionate about the world of cartoons when he was a child. By his admission, he was an “anti-helmet” child; He thought it ridiculous. The idea of ​​the helmet Crazy Safety came to him when at eight years, his parents wanted to make him wear one. With cardboard and polystyrene, it makes eyes and horns to create “bull helmet.” It pleased him, but also to all his classmates who wanted then the same.

Protection a top priority

Although the fun side is necessary for Crazy Safety, child safety is still the top priority. Beyond its colorful characters, Crazy Safety offers adapted and high-quality bike helmets to allow you to travel safely on the road. Crazy Safety had the ingenious idea of ​​integrating a high-brightness LED lamp at the back of each helmet to provide better visibility. This can be lit continuously or in flashing mode. It ensures the child is well seen by other road users for maximum safety.

Each helmet has an adjustable knob to adjust the helmet to the child’s head circumference. In addition to this, straps are provided to ensure a good helmet hold. A chin strap reinforces the protection of the jaw in the event of a fall. For all that Crazy Safety has not skimped on comfort. Crazy Safety helmets are lightweight ( 270 g ) and easy to put on. The animal ornaments are molded in rubber, a flexible and resistant material. For optimal ventilation, each helmet has six ventilation holes.

Crazy Safety products are certified by TÜV, Germany’s leading independent testing organization. This approval guarantees safety, quality, functionality and compliance with current standards. The helmets comply in particular with the safety standard EN1078, tested and approved CE / GS. Crazy-Safety products are sold in thirty countries around the world.

Children’s bike helmet Dragon black size S 49-55 cm Crazy Safety

This range of Crazy Safety bicycle helmets mix originality and safety. Indeed, their forms in 3D take forms of colored animals again. These helmets were specially created by Danish designer Zdenko Oliver Santini.

Safety helmet for children

Your child enjoys optimal safety while having a fun look. In the case of fall, it will be well protected during its exits with skates, skateboard, scooter or bicycle. This helmet corresponds to the safety standard EN1078. Moreover, to go even further in safety, this helmet is equipped with a chin guard and a LED light at the back to ensure the visibility of your child on the roads.

Comfortable bike protection in the shape of a Black Dragon

Side comfort, Crazy Safety helmet has a knob adjustment for a perfect fit around your child’s head. The helmet straps are also adjustable. The latter adapts to children with a head circumference between 49 and 55 cm. For optimum ventilation, the helmet has six air vents. This helmet takes the form of a black Dragon.


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