Cool bike helmets: The helmet is the most important equipment that a cyclist should wear because it protects your head in case of impact during a fall or accident. The head injuries are the leading cause of death among cyclists; it is important to make the right choice for your safety, whether you are a beginner or experienced rider.

Cool bike helmets: BUYING TIPS
Cool bike helmets: BUYING TIPS

Cool bike helmets: THE CONSTRUCTION

A bicycle helmet is built with a molded polystyrene foam inside, which is then wrapped with a layer of rigid plastic on the outside.

During an impact, the foam absorbs the shock by compacting itself and can even break its shell. Therefore it must be thrown systematically into the trash after a major clash, even if no cracks are visible.

Cool bike helmets: THE CERTIFICATION

To ensure that your helmet is certified as safe, look for the following: ASTM, ASTM, CAN / CSA, CPSC or Snell B90 / B95.

If one of these labels appears on the label, it is because it meets the safety standards of a recognized organization and you can drive safely.

Cool bike helmets: HOW TO CHOOSE A BIKE HELMET?

Size: When buying a helmet, the most important criterion is the size of the model. To provide optimal protection, a helmet should not be too small or too large because it could move in the event of a fall. It should be straight and cover both the top of the forehead and the back of the head.

To know the size of the helmet that suits you, you can measure your head circumference with a ribbon. Place the fabric about 2.5 cm above the eyebrows and at the most curved part of your skull at the back to get the most accurate measurement.

The fit: The helmet must tightly wrap the head and should not be open space or gap between the two. Some models of helmets have removable cushions that fill this void and provide better support and increased comfort. Make sure the belts fit properly around the ears and under the chin.

When a helmet is the right size and worn correctly, it can prevent most head injuries, and it can make the difference between a small bruise or a hospital stay.


Compared to “cheap” bicycle helmets sold in large stores, those sold in specialty stores:

  • Are made of lighter materials;
  • Allow a greater number of adjustments for better comfort;
  • Will be more aerodynamic and better ventilated;
  • Moreover, some are even designed to offer better impact resistance.

Also, if you are a mountain biker, you may want to consider buying a helmet equipped with a visor to protect you from the sun and branches, with a chin guard or even purchase A full face helmet if you are a downhill enthusiast.


There is no expiry date on a bike helmet, but manufacturers recommend replacing it after 3 to 5 years depending on usage and degree of wear. The internal material constituting it deteriorates and loses its effectiveness over time due to the sun, heat, cold and salt of perspiration. The belts and their attachment points also become weaker.

Cool bike helmets: MAINTENANCE TIPS

To maximize your investment and the longevity of your helmet:

  • Wash only with water and mild soap;
  • Avoid leaving it in your car during the hot weather;
  • In winter, do not store it in the cold in your shed;
  • Store in a cloth bag or its original packaging.


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