Brooks England: more than 100 years of know-how

Brooks England marks the emergence of a new generation of bike saddles. In the world of cycling, the company, which was only a small workshop at the beginning, gradually became a cyclist and became an iconic figure in the field.

It all began in 1878, when John Boultbee Brooks, the founder of the JB Brooks & Co company, focused on leather goods, especially in horse harnesses and saddles, lost his horse. He then imprints a bike to go to work. His new frame proves to be a favorite for him from the first pedal strokes, but it does not adapt to the discomfort of the saddle. He then decides to do something to remedy this. That is how the story of the Brooks saddles begins.

High-quality leather bike saddles

The models of seats offered by the brand stand out. They have a capacity which allows them to mold themselves little by little according to the shape of the anatomy of its user. The leather used adapts over time to the form of the pelvis and areas where high-pressure points are exerted. It thus becomes a personalized equipment for the anatomy of the cyclist and a perfect companion for driving. To be able to satisfy the users of the bike, the material used is leather that breathes naturally, which offers a pleasant feeling of freshness for the moments of high temperature.

This premium quality leather is very durable. If the cyclist takes good care of them, they can even last a lifetime. Moreover, to protect them from wear,

Bike comfort accessories

The seat of the bike is, one agrees, one of the keys that make the trip by bicycle pleasant. To appreciate the trajectories on two wheels, it is better to choose your bike saddle. Brooks offers all sorts of seats to make cycling as enjoyable as possible. For the city, for example, the B67 Aged and S Aged models are available: flexible accessories with fast grinding. From the first day, one can easily feel its comfort by circulating from one end of the city to the other.

For cycling enthusiasts, the brand reserves the Cambium or B17 Standard Classic collections perfect for long trips. The B15 Swallow range is also known for being very comfortable on an extended course.

Brooks B17 Standard Black Steel Saddle

Leather bicycle seat Brooks B17 Standard Classic

Saddle B17 Standard Brooks Classic unisex for cyclotourism

The Brooks B17 Standard Classic seat is ideal for long-distance cycling tours. The B17 is the flagship product of Brooks: this comfortable model has been around for over 100 years. With a tough life, the leather coating provides a very pleasant seating feeling.

This bike accessory is easily compatible with the piece seat post with its single rail.In order to have more choices, Brooks B17 is available in:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Black
  • Brown
  • To maintain and protect this saddle, use a leather care lotion or Brooks leather care cream, available as an option.
  • Weight 520 grams
  • Material Leather and Steel
  • Dimension (L x W): 275 x 175 mm
  • Sex Unisex
  • Height 65 mm

Brooks Saddles B67 Bicycle Saddle (Men’s)

Bicycle Saddle Brooks B67 Aged and S Aged

Brooks Aged Saddle with Bicycle Spring for Men and Women

“Comfort from the first day” and “Immediate rollover” correctly define the Brooks Aged saddles. This model was recently added to the Brooks line. These seats are made from leather treated with oils and balms, during the process of vegetable tanning. This guarantees flexibility from the first pedal stroke.

The bike saddle Brooks B67 Aged is specially designed for the city. This is an excellent choice for all your daily commutes. It has long suspensions for a very pleasant seating sensation.

It is available in specific sizes in Aged classic for men and S Aged for women. For the maintenance and protection of this saddle, It is advisable to use Leather Care Cream or Proofide Leather Protection from Brooks available as an option.

If you are transporting a child to the back of your bike, protect your hands with the optional bike seat finger guard. Do not hesitate to consult our sheet on how to choose your bike saddle.


  • Weight Man: 850 g
  • Woman: 810 g
  • Dimension Man: 260 x 205 mm
  • Woman: 240 x 205 mm
  • Height Man: 73 mm
  • Woman: 85 mm
  • Sex Unisex

Brooks Saddles Men’s C17 Cambium Bike Saddle

Trekking Saddle Cambium C17 Brooks

Cambium C17 Trekking Saddle – Brooks

The Cambium C17 cycling saddle from the Brooks brand guarantees flexibility and comfort for cyclists and cyclists regularly. It is part of the latest range of Brooks: the very comfortable Cambium range.

Saddle Cambium is offering a high level of comfort.

Made of a flexible natural rubber base, the C17 seat of the Cambium range is covered with an organic cotton coating making it very flexible. Unlike a leather seat, comfort feels on; it does not need to “get done.” With its dimensions of 162 mm wide, 283 mm long and a height of 52 mm, the C17 is perfectly suitable for cycling or trekking.

Heavy duty bike saddle

The bike saddle has a Brooks numac waterproof coating that protects it from the weather for a longer life. Made from stainless steel rails. Do not hesitate to consult our sheet on how to choose your bike saddle.


  • The Cambium C15 saddle is also available for a sportier practice.
  • Weight 415 g
  • Material Soft natural rubber with organic cotton
  • Armature and rivet: stainless steel
  • Dimension 283 x 162 mm
  • Sex Unisex

Brooks Saddles England C15 Cambium Carved Saddle

Cambium C15 Carved Brooks Road Bike Saddle

Cambium C15 Carved Road Saddle – Brooks

The Cambium C15 Carved bike saddle is part of the latest Brooks range. Developed specifically to meet the needs of athletes with a very regular practice, the Cambium C15 cycling saddle provides maximum comfort and flexibility.

Comfortable bike seat

The Cambium C15 Carved bike saddle is made from a rubber material coated with organic cotton, which gives it great flexibility. Unlike leather seats, comfort is instant and does not need to “get done.” To limit the pressure exerted on the perineum during the bicycle climbs, it is provided with an anatomical opening. Ideal for athletes, the saddle measures 283 mm long for 140 mm wide and a height of 52 mm.

Rugged black saddle

Black in color, the Cambium C15 is manufactured with stainless steel rails and a Brooks numac coating that provides high-level weather protection for longer life. For hikers and cyclists, the Cambium C17 seat is also available.


  • Weight 395 g
  • Colors Black
  • Material Soft natural rubber with organic cotton
  • Armature: stainless steel
  • Dimension 283 x 140 mm
  • Sex Unisex
  • Anatomical opening Yes


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