Bicycle Locks: Kryptonite Services

With its locks, the American brand Kryptonite offers additional guarantees to ensure the maximum protection of bikes in all circumstances. More …

Bicycle Locks: Kryptonite Services
Bicycle Locks: Kryptonite Services

How to choose the right anti-theft?

Whether it is for a stroll, for quick shopping or to get to work, every cyclist has a different use of his bike. First of all, it is necessary to determine the anti-theft adapted to the protection sought by focusing on 3 points.

First, consider the parking location you use most often for your bike and the duration of that parking.

Then determine the level of Kryptonite security you will need.

Finally, choose the most appropriate type of anti-theft of the brand.
If you are driving in a large city, go for Level 9 or 10 security. In a smaller town and for shortstops, moderate security between 4 and six should suffice. However, you should give a high level of safety level 7 to 8 for longer breaks or if your bike stays outside the whole day, for example. To help you, you can refer to the table below.

Be careful to attach your anti-theft device to a solid object that can not be cut and where your two-wheeler can not be lifted. Whenever possible, make sure the frame and the two wheels are properly secured.

Position your guard so that the lock is facing the ground and allow as little play as possible between the burglar and the parking object so that the malicious people can not pass their tools. You can also check out our article for more tips on how to properly attach your bike.

The Key Safe Program

Once the anti-theft option is judiciously chosen, Kryptonite proposes to set up additional services for the cyclist. With some of its models like the mini-5 Evolution or the New York STD, the brand offers to join the Key Safe Program. If you lose your keys, you can get the first set of replacement keys free of charge. To take advantage of this, just register on their site.

On this page, it is also possible to register, free of charge, the number of your key or the combination that you have chosen in the case of a code lock. A very convenient service in the event of forgetfulness since in a phone call, the company will quickly communicate your suit.

The ATPO program

Kryptonite has also created the ATPO program, including offer anti-theft protection. Optional, it is possible to subscribe for the purchase of certain models of anti-theft. It is, therefore, important to learn about the models that are part of the program or not. Created by Kryptonite in 1978, this offer of guarantee consists of the reimbursement of a given amount of registered customers ** if their bicycle is stolen after the opening or the violent destruction of an anti-theft device Kryptonite.

More specifically, during the theft of your bike, Kryptonite may supplement the amount reimbursed by the insurance or refund the purchase price of your bike except taxes and accessories and up to the maximum amounts defined in the contract program. As the table on the right indicates, this guarantee can cover costs up to 4500 € for bicycles and 1750 € for motor vehicles. To join this program, membership costs range from $ 9.99 for one year to $ 29.99 for five years.


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