Bern Unlimited Watts EPS Summer Helmet

Bern helmets made in the USA

Bern is an American brand specialized in helmets for winter sports and sports of slides such as skate, roller or ski. Bern helmets are also suitable for BMX and urban bike enthusiasts. They are particularly popular with cyclists in fixed and single speed bikes, looking for an original style and an excellent level of protection.

Founded in July 2004 by Dennis Leedom, the Bern brand is based in Duxbury, south of Boston. She designed her helmets for riders of all kinds. The mark provides protective equipment capable of guaranteeing them a safe practice whatever the field. To do this, she puts all her know-how “made in the USA” to contribute. Bern designs his helmets to adapt to each style. This results in bike helmets at the same time designs, trends and always the cutting edge of technology.

Unique style bike helmets

Bern helmets are distinguished by their original style and innovative design. Their excellent level of finish and appearance make them immediately think of these helmets worn by those who skate or BMX. A unique look that undeniably attracts attention. Some models, such as the Watts bicycle helmet, have built-in visors. A little more that is not to displease. For comfort, the brand has thought of everything: ventilation vents or a knob and adjustable straps to quickly adjust its helmet.

Unmatched bike safety

Bern offers three types of shells: Hard hat, EPS (expanded polystyrene foam) or Zip-mold (patented by the brand). The latter is a lightweight foam directly fused to the hard polycarbonate shell. The Zip-mold and the EPS meet the safety standards CE EN1078, CPSC, or ASTM F2040. These technologies guarantee an optimal protection of the head of the user whatever his practice: cycle, skate or roller, ski …

Watts black helmet for city bikes and sliding sports – Bern

The Bern brand offers athletes the versatile Watts Thin Shell Helmet. A trendy and practical accessory for snowboarding activities such as urban biking, BMX, skateboarding and rollerblading, or for winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding.

Bern helmet black for urban cyclist

Very comfortable, the black helmet has a trendy and very elegant look. Weighing just 500 grams, it leaves the head well-ventilated thanks to an optimized ventilation system with an opening on the top and the back of the helmet. A fixed visor gives it a stylish appearance while protecting the cyclist’s eyes from the rain and the brightness of the sun. The adjustable straps help keep the crash helmet on the head stably and without interfering. At the back, a knob adjusts the size of the helmet around the head. It is available in 3 sizes:

  • S / M from 54 to 57 cm
  • L / XL from 57 to 60.

Highly versatile bike helmet

Very resistant, this urban helmet absorbs well the shocks thanks to its EPS manufacture. It is made with high-quality materials, which ensures a longer life. Benefiting from a very high level of safety, this helmet meets many standards:

  • CPSC Standard: This is the US standard for bicycle helmets “Consumer Product Safety Commission.”
  • Standard EN 1078: the European standard for helmets for cycling, skateboarding and rollerblading
  • Standard ASTM F2040: the international standard for ski and snow helmets
  • Standard EN1077B concerning the European standard for skiing and snowboarding.

It is manufactured on the EPS base, which gives it a very high shock absorption and a high resistance. It is made from high-quality manufacturing materials giving it an excellent longevity of life.

The helmet from the Watts Thin Shell range designed by the Bern brand is a versatile protective accessory, made for all kinds of sports practices. It protects, for example, the athlete who practices the BMX, the skate, the rollers; But also winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding. With its trendy look, this helmet is specially dedicated to urban cyclists.


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