ABUS Chain Lock Bordo Combo 6100 Folding Bike Lock 90 cm: Folding U-shaped bicycle U-shaped with code Bordo Combo ABUS

Folding U Bicycle Upright Bordo Combo 6100 – Abus

Compact and safe, the Abus foldable Bordo Combo 6100 offers maximum flexibility and ease of use to facilitate the attachment of bicycles to street furniture. It is available in 75 or 90 cm.

security level

  • Level 3
  • High security
  • Suitable for primary protection
  • Weight: 75 cm: 1000 g, 90 cm 1250 g
  • Fixation Carry case included
  • Protection Rubber sheath around the blades
  • Flexible Folding system that fits all shapes
  • Pin code Keyless opening system with 4-digit code
  • Protection Level 9 – Abuse
  • Equipment Joint and casing made of individual
  • case- hardened steel Casing covered with a silicone shell
  • Joint Thickness 5 mm

Anti-theft Code resistant

For an excellent protection of the bike, the anti-theft Bordo Combo is composed of articulations of 5 mm of thickness and a case formed of cemented special steel. The case is additionally covered with a silicone shell so as not to scratch the frame of the bike. The anti-theft system works with a 4-digit combination. Code programming is done individually.

Easily transportable bicycle protection

The Abus U anti-theft system is protected from dirt and allows quick use as well as complete transportability. It is supplied with a storage bag that attaches to all forms of a bicycle frame with velcro strips or can be screwed onto the frame with the screws provided to fix the bottle holder. An additional case for U Bordo 90 cm locks is available so that you can use the anti-theft device on two bicycles without having to disassemble it from one to pass it on the other.

Do not forget to change the code once the anti-theft is received!

For cyclists looking for light equipment, there is the foldable U-lock version Lite. For those who are looking for a longer lock, there is the 120 cm Bordo Big anti-theft. The TwinSet is also available. It consists of two locks U Bordo 90 cm with a key having the same key. The Bordo U code lock is also available in a keyed version.

Customer Reviews

“Fantastic lock! I know of no better way to carry a lock on a bike than the holder included with this lock. What a relief is not messing with trying to wrap up cables to carry around on the bike. There is only one downside in that you can get the frame and only ONE wheel due to it is the length. Buy a set of anti-theft skewers for the wheels, and you are all set. I feel this one negative is more than offset by the fact that the heavy duty steel members cannot be cut with a $10 pair of snips. All cable locks can be cut this way a few strands at a time until it is laying on the ground. My son’s bike is off to college with this lock, all he has to do is USE it. By Mike McGuire

It is a secure lock. Moving the numbers around is cumbersome. There is not much room to get your fingers in there to set it. It is a little heavy, but that is ok for what it does. The combo is easy to set to whatever you want to set it for. By JD419


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